Skill Evaluation

19 July 2020

Welcome to your Skill Evaluation

1.  Help people with personal or emotional problems

2. Develop a new medicine

3. Write books or plays

4. Build kitchen cabinets

6. Manage a department within a large company

7. Install software across computers on a large network

8. Repair household appliances

9. Study ways to reduce water pollution

10. Compose or arrange music

11. Give career guidance to people

12. Start your own business

13. Operate a calculator


14. Assemble electronic parts


15. Conduct chemical experiments


16. Create special effects for movies


17. Perform rehabilitation therapy


18. Negotiate business contracts


19. Keep shipping and receiving records


20. Drive a truck to deliver packages to offices and homes


21. Examine blood samples using a microscope


22. Paint sets for plays


23. Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization


24. Market a new line of clothing


25. Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer


26. Test the quality of parts before shipment


27. Develop a way to better predict the weather


28. Write scripts for movies or television shows


29. Teach a high-school class


30. Sell merchandise at a department store


31. Stamp, sort, and distribute mail for an organization


Administration and Management

How much do you know about business planning and leadership?


How much do you know about the plant, animal, and cell functions?

Body Coordination

How well can you coordinate moving your arms, legs, and torso together?

Building and Construction

How much do you know about construction materials, methods, and tools?


How well do you know chemistry?


How much do you know about administrative tasks and processes?

Complex Problem Solving

How good are you at figuring out the best way to solve a problem?

Computers and Electronics

How effective are you at using electronic equipment?

Customer and Personal Service

How well do you know how to handle customer needs and resolve service problems?

Economics and Accounting

How well do you know banking and financial systems?


How well can you write computer programs?


How well do you know the methods of research, assessment, and treatment of human behavior?


How well can you repair machines or systems using the needed tools?

Sales and Marketing

How well can you perform marketing strategies and tactics?



How well can you use scientific rules and methods to solve problems?

Systems Analysis

How well can you analyze systems?


How well do you understand telecom systems?

Therapy and Counseling

How well do you know the principles and methods used in counseling?

Your new question!

Time Management

How well do you manage your and others' time?

Your new question!


How well can you identify and fix problems in machines or technology?


How well does your writing effectively communicate to an audience's particular need?

Microsoft Office

How well do you know Microsoft Office?

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